Could This Be Bruce Wayne's Brand New Batcave?

These shots depict the already epic Turda Salt Mines, located in Transylvania, Romania. They could also be what Christopher Nolan chooses as the revamped Batcave in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. I can't think of a better candidate.

First, I hate to say "take with a grain of salt" given the locale, but it ought to be said. The rumour mill is pumping hard for this one, even though a set for the Batcave has already been built at Warner Bros and Nolan and his team have made no confirmations as to whether or not this site will be used. However, fans say the mines could be used as a stand-in for the dedicated set. And why not? I could just see the Batwing flying down that long passage. Either way, this place looks awesome. [Dark Knight Rises Rumors via The Mary Sue]

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