Corsair's Vengeance K60 FPS Keyboard Is A Headshot-Making Monster

Let's rush past the part where we acknowledge that grabbing a keyboard with easily-replaceable WASD and 1-6 keys and an ergonomic wrist rest is probably overkill and get right to the part where Corsair's K60 keyboard looks to be a pretty wonderful brand of nerdy.

The K60 has anti-ghosting tech, which means that even when you're mashing a bunch of keys at once, you won't get glitchy responsiveness. And that's good, because it's got a pretty preposterous, unnecessary, and awesome 20-key rollover, so you can slam about a third of your keyboard at once, which is always useful. It also claims a 1ms reporting rate and super-responsiveness for double- and triple-taps.

As always, though, you should maybe be selective about picking this up, or at least showing it off at your next LAN party, unless you're good enough to actually make use of the thing — lest you be the dweeb with the expensive keyboard at the bottom of the scoreboard (like me). It's $US110 and out now. [Corsair via HotHardware]

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