Burton's Mix Master Gloves Can Wirelessly Control Your iPhone (Sort Of)

Winter makes using your iPhone a bitch to use, especially if it's cold enough that you need to wear gloves. Burton's Mix Master Gloves came a bit too late for us, but they're a cool pair of mittens that can control your iPhone without even touching it.

It's not as insanely cool as it sounds but it's still kinda, sorta effective. Here's how it works: there's a dongle you plug into your iPhone and a receiver that's attached to the left glove. There are buttons on the left glove that let you control your iPhone's music player (volume, play/pause, skip, etc) so when you hit those buttons, your iPhone will respond accordingly. It's only for controlling the music player, there's no Minority Report-type wizardry here.

Still, it's perfect for snowboarders, skiiers and people like me, who will walk to work during winter and would prefer happy tunes and warm fingers to cheer me up. The remote works within a 30m radius and costs $US160. [Burton via TrendHunter]

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