Before And After Pictures Of Hurricane Irene Are Stunning And Sad

As I woke up on Sunday morning in New York City after Hurricane Irene, I was disappointed. Why? Because naively, I wanted to see what a "real" hurricane looked like. Now that I've seen these before and after pictures, I'm embarrassed for feeling like that. The pictures are gut-wrenching.

A hurricane is a hurricane is a hurricane. They're all bad. And someone somewhere has to rebuild their lives from its destruction. Some cities dodged the tidal wave sized bullet, others weren't so lucky. I hope everyone can come back from Irene. And I really don't want to ever experience a hurricane.

The above picture is Manville, New Jersey. The rest are all scattered along the East Coast. [Flickr via BuzzFeed]

In North Carolina, Bill Stinson and his family lost their home.

Upstate New York.

Scotia, New York

Vermont [BuzzFeed]

Quechee, Vermont [BuzzFeed]

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