Autostachic For iPad: Give Yourself A Moustache So You Can Be A MAN’S MAN

Autostachic For iPad: Give Yourself A Moustache So You Can Be A MAN’S MAN

All my life I’ve wanted a gnarly moustache. But I’ve been cursed with meek facial hair that makes me look raggedy and childish instead of awesome like a ’70s porn star. This changes TODAY. Autostachic for iPad digitally enhances your photos with a moustache.

What’s it do?

It takes a photo of your face with the iPad 2’s front facing camera and then digitally imposes a moustache onto your face. You can choose between the Burt, a bushy ‘stache, the Creepy Uncle, which is long and thin, the Fashionisto, curly FTW, and a ton more. There’s various colours to add to your steez and you can share the pictures to Facebook, Twitter or email. Basically, I can live my moustache dream through a iPad picture. The iPad has never had more point than this.

Why do we like it?

If you have a soul, I don’t see how you can’t not like this app. What kind of person doesn’t like mustaches? What kind of crazy person wouldn’t want to style their mustache like the magnificent men of the world’s past? I don’t know! If such a person exists I would never want to meet that person. Sure, the app will get old rather quick but if they keep adding mustache selections, add support for the back camera, add the ability to import photos into Autostachic, then this app will stand the test of time. Until then, it’s a funny app along the likes of Grillz, which to me, is a pretty great thing to be. One note though: even though you’re having mustache infused fun, you realise how piss poor this iPad front camera really is.


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