Aussie Pranksters Vandalise Google Street View Camera

The New Zealand Google Maps penis vandals have been one-upped! Their phallic defacement was visible via satellite, yes, but these Australian pranksters drew a dick on a Street View camera lens, superimposing a penis over all of reality.

It looks like it was pulled off pretty easily — just the ol' marker-drawn penis routine. But when it's drawn on one of Google's road mapping vehicles, the penis travels with you. The penis travels all over the Australian neighbourhood — gleaming in the sun, covering homes. I wonder how long it took before driver realised he was dragging a penis all over Australia? I wonder how long until the scenery will be replaced? Where will the Google South Pacific Penis Plague will spread next? A 3D Google Earth penile skyscraper in the middle of Fiji?

Maybe it is a cactus. [BuzzFeed]

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