Aussie Finds Strange Ruins In Saudi Arabia Via Google Earth

Chalk another one up for Google Earth seeing everything we can't. Australian armchair archaeologist David Kennedy simply fired up the app and managed to rediscover the ancient ruins of structures that rival the Nazca lines in southern Peru.

The lines were originally discovered by British RAF pilot Percy Maitland in 1927, but this is the first time they've ever been seen in all their glory. They resemble kites and wheels in their structure, and are about 2000 years old. Similar structures have been discovered in Jordan and Yemen — some dating back as far as 9000 years — and, while scientists aren't certain just what the hell these ruins were for, some conjecture that they could have been traps for game animals.

I wonder how long it'll take to find the alien structures. [Saudi Aramco World via , New Scientist via Geekosystem]

Images: Google

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    It ALIENS people... everyone cover your anus.


      Im not saying it was aliens... But it was aliens

    It's kind of sad to see them with roads over the top.

      well we gotta build bypasses....

    What are the coordinates?

    I for one welcome our new... Yeah, you know the rest.

    In 20 years they'll find those dots with little lines are really Beethoven's 9th.

      Actually they'll be all along the watchtower, (the BSG version)

    You guys need to watch "ancient aliens" from the history channel on Youtube. When you see it, you will Sh-


    You found something that has already been discovered 74 years ago, via a picture someone else recently took.

    Technology in the hands of noobs = news?

    COINCIDENCE?? I think not:

    They are actually ancient herding walls. Herds of animals would move into the wide openings you see and then get caught inside the walls.

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