Anti Sleep Pilot Isn't For Pilots, Is For iPod

The Anti Sleep Pilot sounds like it should be suited for aviators, but its core design is (like the nap zapper) for eliminating driver fatigue. The secret behind its particular design? Simon. Any trade show attracts its fair share of interesting fringe products, and one that caught my eye amongst the flurry of IFA 2011 releases was for the Anti Sleep Pilot, if only for the name alone. It's available as a physical product or an iOS app, but the core principle is the same — making you aware of your fatigue level while taking long car trips.

Instead of relying just on detecting your physical movement as some sleep prevention devices do, it uses a combination of those tested factors alongside a timed touch principle, similar to the classic Simon electronic game. Take too long to tap the Anti Sleep Pilot when prompted and it'll mark your fatigue level down. When you're judged to be too tired, the Anti Sleep Pilot's alarm kicks in, theoretically making you aware that it's time for a roadside nap, lest you take a rather more permanent dirt nap.[Anti Sleep Pilot]

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