Amazon Tablet Will Be Filled With So Many Magazines

Magazine publishers tripped over themselves to get on the iPad, because they thought they could sell you pretty things like this to revive their depressed print business, but then Apple was kind of a dick about it.

And even though Apple took it all back, magazine publishers are still totally leery about being completely beholden to Apple for tablet moneys — but all of the Android tablets suck so nobody is buying them, leaving the publishers with not a lot of places to go. But hey Amazon's tablet looks like it might be OK, so now three of the big publishers are on board with it — Conde Nast, Hearst and Meredith — but not Time, at least not yet (or Bonnier).

I'm really hoping they figure out how to make a magazine for a 7-inch screen, but we'll find out tomorrow. [All Things D]

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