Adobe's Latest Version Of Flash And Air Does Console-Like Gaming?

Adobe is working on new versions of Flash Player and Air that could bring some compelling gaming and video features to the table. So compelling, you may even be tempted to install the oft-bloated apps on your computer.

According to Adobe, both Flash and Air will have full hardware-accelerated 3D graphic capabilities and improved 2D graphics. These improvements will enable console-quality gaming on the desktop and mobile devices. That would be a sweet feature if Adobe can pull it off.

Other improvements include HD video support for Flash-based iOS apps, full HD video with Surround Sound 7.1 support, and the addition of Flash Access and Adobe Pass which allows developers to add rental and subscription options to their apps. And there's one little convenience feature for Air users. Adobe Air can be bundled with an app so developers can release their application and all necessary Air files in one package. [Adobe]

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    Making PC games so easy, even a console operator can play. Another nail in the coffin for the "PC's will be obsolete" theory.

      Are you suggesting the iPad will beat pc's because now you can play console quality flash games??? ohh wait...

    Console quality from 2003 maybe. BS.

      Even 2003 is being generous, as far as performance goes.

    Machinarium (An entirely 2D game with no complex shaders) requiring an iPad 2 to play should say it all about how well AIR runs.

    The online collaboration stuff at the end using multi-devices looks interesting..

    Maybe Adobe can work out how to make their offerings less bloated and resource-sucking first.

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