7 Tools To Turn Your Kitchen Into A High-Tech Culinary Workshop

7 Tools To Turn Your Kitchen Into A High-Tech Culinary Workshop

Just because we’ve been cooking delicious food for centuries doesn’t mean we should stop innovating. Technology and science are driving cooking’s latest wave, yielding delicious results in the process. Here are seven tools that will make you a master chef.

Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven

Sous Vide is the dark art of vacuum sealing food in a bag, then dumping it in a bath of warm-to-hot water kept at a constant, precise temperature. Certain foods, such as meats, gain the benefit of never ending up tough, dry and/or overcooked. Think of it like a really awesome, crock pot. More specifically, the Sous Vide Supreme Demi is a good starter unit for the budding culinary genius, balancing a relatively accessible price with quality. $US300.[imgclear]

Sorvall RC-5C Plus Centrifuge

Food centrifuges are becoming popular amongst professional chefs for their ability to separate typically homogenous foods into their rudimentary components. They’re still expensive and quite large (think washing machine large), but even amateur chefs are finding utility for these things, like making pea butter. $US3000 (used).[imgclear]

Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker

Some will argue that the Chemex pot or a Clever pour over system will produce a superior cup of coffee, but neither is quite as nerdy as the Aeropress coffee maker, which is no slouch either. The Aeropress uses a plunger that creates an airtight seal inside a plastic cylindrical tube that brews coffee at a constant pressure as you push the coffee through a filter down into the cup. The end result is a clean, but strong cup of joe. $US25.[imgclear]

iGrill Meat Probe

The iGrill is a bluetooth meat thermometer that will connect to iOS devices track temperatures of 1-2 food items in real time and allow you to set alarms when a certain temperature (up to 200C) is reached. All without you having to hover over a grill or oven in anticipation. $US105.[imgclear]


Bear Paw Meat Forks

OK, so maybe the Bear Paw utensils don’t use the latest technology or some weird science. But I mean COME ON, with your finger wrapped around these claws, you’re handling food like Wolverine would. Just enjoy the novelty of it all. $US10.[imgclear]


Sure, Modernist Cuisine might be the most futuristic collection of recipes around, but gathering ALL the tools necessary to replicate the recipes in this 23kg, $US600 collection would drive any normal person into bankruptcy. So let’s scale back and consider a more modest collection in the form of the Epicurious digtal cookbook, which lives on iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices. Free.[imgclear]


Doughnut Maker

A tabletop mini-doughnut maker just looks fun. End of story. $US180.

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