12 Hi-Tech Satellites Under Construction

12 Hi-Tech Satellites Under Construction

This weekend, be thankful that NASA engineers have worked so hard to keep the satellites they build from raining down upon the Earth like a biblical hell fire of scientific progress.

And be thankful our friends at Oobject have assembled this incredible collection of satellites being built.

Though if these aren’t enough to stimulate your satellite fancy, check out these 10 yurts with satellite dishes, these soviet satellites, or see if you can cram yourself into one of these claustrophobic space capsules.

Cleaning of the Herschel Telescope After Unpacking at Centre Spatial Guyanais

Disassembled Hubble at the NASA Goddard Center

Eutelsat2019’s W3B telecoms satellite being driven into the clean room

Jupiter C nosecone in the Whitehouse with Eisenhower

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity Rover at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA advanced Solar Observatory at Astrotech Spaceflight facility

Satellite propellant loading

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory is encapsulated in its rocket’s nose cone

The SORCE satellite in a clean room

The Sputnik 1 satellite in the assembly shop in 1957