11 Computers From Behind The Iron Curtain

11 Computers From Behind The Iron Curtain

In the 1950s, the Soviet computer industry’s future seemed bright with the MESM. But by the ’80s, they were more content to simply clone their Western counterparts. Oobject brings us this collection of 11 incredible Soviet-made number crunchers.

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1950: MESM, The first universally programmable computer in continental Europe

1950s-1960s: BESM Mainframe

1958: Setun Terniary (three rather than two state, binary) computer

1959: Ural 1 Mainframe

1974: MERA 300 Polish Mini Computer

1983: AGAT, Apple II Clone

1985: Elektronika BK Home Computer

1987: UKNC School Computer

1987: Vector-06C Home Computer

1988: East German Robotron RVS K 1840

1991: Dubna 48k, Sinclair Spectrum Clone