Zoo Animals Went Crazy Before The Earthquake Too

Zoo Animals Went Crazy Before The Earthquake Too
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We already know that animals know an earthquake is coming before humans do. But it’s still endlessly interesting to see how animals react (pre-act?) before it happens. For example, apes abandoned their food and climbed to the top of the tree-like structure

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo kept tabs on the behaviour of their zoo animals before, during and after the earthquake and came up with a list of the most peculiar behaviour. Small mammals sounded alarms 15 minutes before the quake, snakes that were normally inactive were writhing and some animals like beavers and ducks jumped into the water and stayed there. I wonder if any of the animals were embarrassed about their behaviour.

My favourite reaction was probably the lions’ though, the pride just stood still and looked at the building that was rattling. Like a Cali king. And the award for most hilarious and most lazy reaction? Well, according to the keepers, the giant pandas did not appear to respond to the earthquake. I love you pandas so hard.

If I ever move back to California, I’m definitely going to get myself a mini-zoo filled with apes and beavers to act as my earthquake alarm. [Smithsonian National Zoo, Image Credit: Shutterstock/Eric Isselée]