Your Chance To Fund A Phone Case That Will End In Certain Death

We're idiots when we drive. We text, we watch movies, we careen into lakes blindly following GPS directions. So I'm having some trouble understanding how bolting your phone to the middle of your steering wheel is supposed to make us pay more attention to the road, not less.

Amazingly, that's the claim of the Steer Safe, whose very name strains credulity. The creators try to hedge on the chaos they're about to unleash on the world by stating that "Use of your phone should be limited to when vehicle is parked and/or stationary", but does anyone really think that's how this is going to play out? Yes, it might be slightly safer to glance down at your phone than to dig it out of your pocket and one-hand the thing. But I don't think the answer to eliminating dangerous driving habits is making slightly-less-dangerous even more convenient. [Kickstarter via Ubergizmo]

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