You Need Time-Shifting Powers To Watch This Sculpture Move

This is one of the weirdest public art projects I've ever seen: a sculpture that moves, but it's actually static to the naked eye. Only if you record it on a time-lapse video you would be able to appreciate its motion.

Its name is Möbius and it was made by art and design firm Eness for the city of Melbourne, Australia. They placed the sculpture in streets and plazas, changing it like you would do with a figure in a stop-motion animation movie, photographing the change. [Eness via Change the Thought via This Is Colossal]


    That's an awesome skateboard room, you showed me a few weeks ago, but I think you linked the wrong video.

      Yup, like totally awesome, but still waiting for it to move...

    Yeah i am thinking this is the wrong video??

    Guess i'll follow the link instead

    BAM!! right on the pole in the middle of the room. Or oops! There goes mum's hot pot on the stove.

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