X-Ray Shows Dog Ate $US10,000 Worth Of Diamonds

X-Ray Shows Dog Ate $US10,000 Worth Of Diamonds

Turns out, carbon, which diamonds are made of, don’t actually show up in X-rays. They do, however, come up as blank spots and that’s how jewellery shop owner Chuck Roberts found out his dog, Honey Bun, had eaten his diamonds.

Here’s how Roberts tells it:

“A customer came in and I jumped up out of my chair and came out here to wait on him. And I left the chair where you could jump up on my chair and jump up on my desk,”

On his desk were four packets of diamonds, all about a carat each, and dog treats. When Roberts came back to his desk though, he saw that one packet of diamonds was missing. He searched everywhere for them but came up empty. The diamonds were gone. $US10,000 flushed down the drain.

Until he realised his dog might’ve been the culprit. Leaving the chair near the desk allowed Honey Bun to jump onto the desk and help himself to the treats. At that point, Honey Bun probably saw the shiny shiny and ate that too. Roberts obviously couldn’t get the dog to confess, so he took Honey Bun to get an X-ray — the two blank spots that popped up confirmed that the diamonds were inside.

Honey Bun released the diamonds naturally the next day and is totally healthy. Here is the whole news report: