Would You Let Power Companies Switch Off Your Gadgets Remotely?

Australia’s Ministerial Council on Energy is looking at ways to reduce electricity demand (particularly on extremely hot days or cold nights), and to avoid building more power stations – a factor in bill increases. In the US they have ‘brown outs’, but one option being proposed locally: let tech like your TV, fridge, pool pump or air conditioner get remotely switched off in exchange for a discounted bill.

The scheme would use special smart meters that only kick in during peak periods, and only then for 30 minutes before rotating to your neighbours. The Council’s review is being conducted by the Australian Energy Market Commission, and the switch off idea is just one of many options being explored. The final report is due to go to the government in September 2012.

I like that they’re thinking outside of the box on this one. As long as the scheme remained opt-in as suggested, I’d be interested. What about you? [News]

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