Would You Bother Watching Top Gear On Facebook?

The popular cars-and-stuffing-about show is coming to the world's biggest social network, with specials to rent in Australia from today. The question is, will viewers really like it?

The BBC has announced that it's going to rent Top Gear specials via Facebook, using a custom VOD player and Facebook Credits to handle the transactions. It's launching today with the Polar Special, with the US Road Trip coming on the 28th of August and the Vietnam Road Trip on the 4th of September.

On the one hand, it's another way for the BBC (a publicly funded broadcaster, and undeniably one of the top production centres for TV in the world, even if some of its content is externally produced) to generate revenue, and that's fair enough.

I'm still struck by the thought that Top Gear is — at least from the statements of the editor of Top Gear Magazine, Michael Harvey — the most pirated show in the world. Will consumers come flocking to the Facebook page to pay, or will they just continue to illegally grab it for nothing? [TopGear]

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