Woman Trys To Wake Up Boyfriend With Fireworks, Loses Fingers

Oh god! Is my stupid boyfriend sleeping again? It's impossible to wake him up! Hey, I'm tipsy — LOOOOKIE. Leftover fireworks from July 4th! HAH! I'm going to light them up and wake up that stupid boy with them... AGHHHHHH!!

That's probably what went on in the mind of the 36-year-old woman who foolishly (and drunkenly) lit fireworks and hoped the noise would wake up her sleeping boyfriend. She had planned to toss the fireworks out the front door but before she could, it exploded in her hand tearing off her thumb, middle and ring finger (those are some pretty important fingers!). The police said the explosion was so powerful that they found bone remnants embedded in the ceiling. Ouch. The Gainesville Sun]

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