Whoa, The Government Is Human

Total win from the census team on this one, but now I have Kelis' Milkshake in my head. How did you go with the online submission Tuesday night? Hopefully you weren't one of the 670,000 households who used the web form but forgot to hit send. Good news: Submissions don't close until September 5. [Failblog]


    I didn't forget to submit, but our eCensus broke when trying to submit ("internal application error") and could not save. Tried to log back in and that also failed with "error 570".

    Tried again Wednesday evening and it all worked fine...

    hahaha this made my morning!

    Yep. They are human indeed! :-) Never in my wildest dreams was I expecting a response like that from them :-)

    lol this is classy, not as classy as just hearing the song AND reading at the same time :D

    Personally, my favourite was when the Census Facebook page started bagging Melbourne Demons players after their huge loss to Geelong.

    This is the best thing I've seen all day.

    Yep, we (the people who work in government jobs) are human :) This was a classic. Kudos to whoever came up with the idea AND to whoever signed off on it.

    Often we're not allowed to appear human because of concern of the media taking it the wrong way (big business can be the same). So, keep responding like this and we'll be able to be more relaxed in our interactions outside our departments.

    (special mention to Andy Crossin, whose tweet allowed this humour to be seen in the first place)

    oops, Andy CRONIN. clearly my coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

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