Windows 8 Will Have An App Store

Talk of a Windows 8 app store has swirled around our feet like the approaching fall leaves (there's something about operating systems that gets me all poetic), but Microsoft's never broached the subject—until now, on their new blog.

It's back to the Windows Live Division President, Steven Sinofsky, that we go, who introduced the core team of engineers working on next year's release. Running through the list of teams, Sinofsky included an app store team, along with app compatibility and device compatibility; applications and media experience, and app experience. It's that first one which intrigues as the most, as it's the first time Microsoft has pretty much confirmed the existence of an app store in the next iteration of Windows.

Ars Technica has a good explanation of some of the responsibilities of the various teams, if you're at all interested. [Windows 8 blog via Ars Technica]



    thepiratebay is my Windows 7 app store.

      thanks for that.

    Hope they put the fee on a sliding scale. It seems a rediculous moneygrab to put a flat 30% on all software like Apple. C'mon, 30% additional Apple tax on a $300 piece of software?? Sure, I get it for $1 toys for your phone, it takes time to approve software... but as volume and price increases it really should shift in favor of the developer.

    I guess app store IS a generic term.

    They'd be a bit weird to call it anything other than Marketplace at the moment, its what they've been doing for WP7 and Xbox 360 for years now

      If there's anything Microsoft is good at, it's complete inconsistency.

      Although Apple gives them a run for their money lately.

    I'm sure it will still be called Marketplace, but they will use every oppertunity to refer to Marketplace as their App Store, to reinforce it as a generic term and undermine Apples efforts to trademark the name App Store.

    Kudos, Microsoft


      Trademarking "App Store" would be like trademarking "Auto Store". Absurd. It's an online store where you buy Apps, where "App" is to "Application" as "Auto" is to "Automobile".

      FFS Apple...

      In other news, good to see everybody jumping on the repo bandwagon.

    I'm in support of anything which means Adobe products will stop nagging me to update them.

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