Will HP’s TouchPad Be $98 From 2pm Today? (Yes!)

Will HP’s TouchPad Be $98 From 2pm Today? (Yes!)

Is the Aussie fire sale about to kick off?

It appears — according to a story at The Australian — that HP’s made the decision to offload all its TouchPad stock through Harvey Norman, with the paper quoting the general manager of Harvey Norman’s computers and communications division, Ben McIntosh as saying they’d go on sale from 2pm today at $98. All TouchPad accessories would be sold off at half price, according to the report.

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We queried HP earlier in the day regarding the TouchPad’s future, and got this response, which doesn’t verify (or deny) the Australian’s story:

The official statement reads as follows:

“While we have made the decision not to continue developing webOS devices we are fully committed to the ongoing support and service of customers who purchased webOS devices. We also remain committed to the webOS platform and our goal is to ensure the platform’s evolution as a robust operating system for an increasingly mobile and connected world. Feedback from our customers and developers has been positive and we intend to enhance the platform as we explore options for webOS in today’s marketplace.

Harvey Norman was HP’s exclusive retailer of the TouchPad in Australia and they have announced last week full refunds on the products. HP Australia is currently investigating the potential for distributing the HP TouchPad at a discounted price similar to the US.”

If you’re within running distance of a Harvey Norman franchise, it might be worth heading down there right now…[The Australian]