Google Nexus Prime With Super AMOLED HD Display In October?

If all the smartphone rumours currently swirling around do pan out, October's going to be a heck of a month for smartphone buyers. The latest rumour doing the rounds? Google's next official Android phone will come with the snazziest of snazzy screens. We've already heard plenty of mutterings about Google's next official Nexus phone. Despite the Motorola buyout, it probably won't be a Motorola phone. Samsung's still heavily tipped to be the official hardware manufacturer, as it was with the Nexus S. It's tipped for an October debut, running Ice Cream Sandwich. notes that the Samsung wants to debut the Super AMOLED HD technology in the next few months, which ties into that kind of release schedule timing. Super AMOLED HD technology, if Samsung can get it up and running, will offer 720P resolution. That's somewhat insane on a smartphone screen, but would seriously put the felines amongst the scavenging avians if the current rumours surrounding the iPhone 5's purported October release date are true, as the two high-end phones would go head to head — or is it screen to screen? []

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