Will Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7 Have A Super AMOLED Display?

It's hard to say whether or not uncovering Samsung's IFA surprises courtesy of its own Unpacked Android application was a deliberate ploy or not. Either way, more details on the company's latest Honeycomb tablet are now starting to emerge. The latest snippet from the rumour mill? The Galaxy Tab 7.7 might just have a Super AMOLED display. The latest from the IFA rumour mill comes courtesy of Slashgear, where they've combined a leaked Samsung product roadmap with a little bit of sources-indicate commenting that they've heard that the Tab 7.7 will come in two varieties — not surprisingly, a WiFi-only version and an HSPA+ version — but both with 1024x600 Super AMOLED displays. If Samsung can pull that off — and it's only an if, something that again we'll find out in just a few days, similar to the Toshiba tablet rumours — it'd have a genuine point of differentiation in the Android tablet markeplace. [Slashgear]

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