Will Red Bull Give Vodafone Wings?

Can Vodafone's market position be boosted via high energy drinks? We'll find out later in the year when yet another mobile reseller (technically a MVNO) launches decked out in Red Bull branding.

The normal link between Red Bull and V is that they're both competing highly caffeinated energy drinks that normally wouldn't want to be seen in the same drinks cabinet. But when the V in this equation is Vodafone, suddenly it's all smiles and coy glances.

Vodafone's announced that it's signed up an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) with a difference. The difference being Red Bull branding, with the promise of branded handsets, "competitive" tariffs and access to Red Bull TV services through the handset, as well as exclusive ticket access to Red Bull events. This isn't an entirely new play for Red Bull, which operates the Red Bull MOBILE brand in Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium, Poland and South Africa.

Red Bull MOBILE will launch later in the year, but as yet there's no other details on pricing or which handsets they'll offer.

If you're pondering on the whole MVNO thing, think Amaysim, or for that matter Woolworth's own branded service — or check out Lifehacker's comprehensive guide to MVNOs here. And if this story has made you thirsty for a six-pack of Red Bull, it's worth remembering that all that caffeine and sugar isn't particularly good for you.



    I guess no one has told red bull how bad Vodafone is.

      Put down the Haterade.

    I have no issues with them.

      I guess you are one of the very very very very lucky ones.

      Once my contract runs out in a few months i will be joining the 300000 that have already left vodafone

        Not lucky, smart.
        i test my coverage with prepaid before signing a $1k+ contract. suggest everyone does the same.

        I changed across from paying ~$130 a month on Telstra to about a third of that on Vodafone, for the same thing.

        Data is still occasionally slow, but not terrible. Definitely worth it.

    I wonder if this would be a conflict of interest considering Red Bull Racing is battling it out with McLaren in the Formula 1 championship - who is ironically sponsored by Vodafone..... lolz

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