Wi-Fi Enabled IDock Navigates Ocean Of Musical Options

Roth's new KRadio isn't the first dock to come loaded with features, but it's about time someone made something that's loaded and awesome-looking.

In addition to supporting your iPhone, so you can access your music library or subscription services, the dock comes Wi-Fi enabled and with an ethernet port so you can access internet radio stations. You can program up to ten of them for easy access from buttons on the front panel.

Two programmable alarms allow you to select exactly what you want to listen to when you're waking up. I suggest easy listening on Saturday, apocalyptic death metal on Monday.

And if for some reason you need to listen to FM radio (why!) or plug in your friend's Zune (no!), the KRadio comes equipped with an antenna and aux-in jack. In addition to black, the boxy bundle will come in flashy colours like Ferrari red. Available later this year for $US328. [Roth Audio via ecoustics]

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