Why Is This Nokia Lady Using An iPhone?

This advertising fail was spotted by Giz reader Jacob on the wall at Harvey Norman in Warrawong, NSW. Certainly looks like an iPhone to me, though I could be wrong. Definitely not an old school Nokia pop-port, nor does it seem like the N8. Thoughts?

Update: Eagle-eyed Giz Reader, Ben (who you'll find in the comments below) has found the image on Stockphoto. Kudos to you sir!

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    That looks identical to the bottom of my iPhone 4

    Maybe it's an add for a Nokia branded iPhone case, which hasn't been released yet.

    Maybe the shop took a stock photo of a woman with a phone and boot the nokia logo beneath?

    Wouldn't be the first time that has happened.

    Seriously - have you seen Nokia phones? Would you be happy to be photographed with one?

    Maybe this is her temporary replacement phone and she's on a call with Nokia customer service asking when her phone will be fixed?

      then...why the hell is she laughing?...may be laughing at how stupid nokia is

    Blame Elop yet another stupid decision to wreck Nokia

    Its the Nokia ePhone 72,
    but its currently on hold because of apple,

    I suppose its because the Nokia people thought people had better things to do then to pretty much stare at a poster.

    I mean that if you were just walking by you most probably wouldn't have noticed it.

    Still funny though.


      Nice work!

        To be fair I had the help of http://www.tineye.com/

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      I've the perfect fix for you. Press Alt+F4 and bite me.


        +EXP Troll Kills

        (omg, i just sunk to a new nerd low)

          +1 and it's okay Ninja, nothing to be ashamed of. It actually also gives you +1 charisma!

        Hahaha Danny! Could not have replied better. Nice editorial.

      Nothing better to do than comment on a story you don't care about?

      Who gives a crap? Some opinionated commenter has a badly written rant at a 45-word gizmodo post. ZOMGREPORTINGFAIL!!!




    I'd tap that!

      got a thing for Corinne Grant eh :P

    that's definitely the bottom of a white iPhone 3G or 3GS.

    Competence fail.

    Because smiling whilst legitimately using a Nokia just can't be done :p

    Depends on who created the ad, Harvey or Nokia. If the latter, then they need to sack their advertising agency / inhouse marketing dept.

    I'd say a reseller (or other) self-done advert. No way a Nokia ad agency would have been that stupid / lazy nor their internal marketing / legal. Other than that, kind of pointless article really - and most ads use stock images, so why the big deal over finding this one? It was already clear the model wasn't holding a Nokia phone ...

    Now they just need to add the Shocked / Surprised lady after realizing how much better the iPhone was to the Nokia, or that Nokia is going down the toilet and the poster / ad will be complete.

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    'Brought to you by HTC'

    Nokia doesn't control retail everywhere, especially in Australia. Most likely the mistake of the distributor or the retailer.

    Yeah, you know it is iPhone for the unnatural way she holds it to avoid 'grip of death'... :D

    It is kind of easy to find an image usage with the TinEye.com service.

    Of course Nokia should promote iPhone. After all, iPhone is Nokia's best selling smart phone (Nokia gets royalties for every iPhone sold).

    who cares something like this? some sad geek who has nothing else to do but look at pixels :D

    In Nokia UK all managers are allowed to order and purchase a iPhone at company expenses. I worked there in Southwood RD for years and most of my managers were having iPhones. But same rule did not apply for all. So no big secret. Nokian also believe that iPhone is better(?) than Nokia

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