What's Samsung Teasing For September 1st?

Samsung's going to unpack something in Berlin. But it's being just a touch coy about what it might be. Amidst lawsuits about what it might have borrowed from Apple, Samsung's also borrowing the tactic of not quite saying what it's up to. Prior to the IFA show (technically the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) which kicks off on September 1st in, you guessed it, Berlin, Samsung's released an Android app and a pair of teaser videos for its next gadgets under the umbrella term "Samsung Unpacked".

There's plenty of the usual hype — "Something Big Is Coming", as if technology companies ever under-hyped their products — as well as a few key glimpses of a glowing phone-shaped brick device that seems to bring joy to all around it. Sure, it could be a phone, but equally it might be that Samsung's found the suitcase from Pulp Fiction and is about to hand out the largesse. I may not be right, but we've only got a couple of weeks to wait to find out.

In an odd move, Samsung's not only released teaser videos but also an Android app that promises a live view of the unveiling of the whatever-it-is that Samsung's planning if you're really keen.


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