webOS May Have A Future, But It's Bleak

All Things D snagged an interview with webOS honcho Stephen DeWitt, who is not surprisingly downright bullish on webOS's future! But after TouchPad and the phones go, what exactly is left?

According to DeWitt, while it's not clear whether webOS will be licensed or find a hardware partner or what, exactly, HP does know where they're going to put it next: PCs and printers. Which sounds like something resembling an afterlife, except that DeWitt makes clear that with PCs it will be "webOS-on-Windows", instead of a netbook, say, running pure webOS. Not to mention that HP is in the process of almost certainly spinning off and selling its PC division. As for webOS printers, well, sure? I guess? If you're into that kind of thing?

The best news out of this whole thing: as of now, HP plans to continue updating webOS for the Veer and TouchPad, though it's unclear for how long. Still, that makes your $100 investment over the weekend even more of a bargain than you could have hoped. [AllThingsD]

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