Watch Catwoman Crash The Batpod Into A Camera On Batman Set

You've seen Anne Hathaway astride the popular, two-wheeled Bat conveyance — the Batpod. Now watch her stunt double demolish a movie camera (IMAX?) while filming an action scene for the third movie in director Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy. Oof. No breakfast burrito for her.

Movie cameras are mainly leased from companies like Panavision, which owns all of its product, so judging the price of the crushed caped crusader-recorder is no easy task. (Naturally, it's insured.) But if Nolan's shooting B-man entirely in IMAX, the camera's replacement could top $US300,000.

All together now: Why didn't you TURN?

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    lol, it reminds me of that scene in Austin Powers with the slow moving roller.

    Weak Gizmo... Find another source please :)

    Dang it, Warner Bros, Blocked on copyright grounds. Does nothing for them, just means have to find another copy of it.

    Dolly (cart the camera's on) looks like a JL Fisher. That's another 300-500k easily.

    never fear, plenty of other copies out there, just search :)

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