Want Your Kids To Grow Up To Be Geeks? This Play Dough Might Help

So the song goes, Mammas aren't meant to let their sons grow up to be cowboys. But they never said anything about geeks. I'm best described as "geeky", but if I'd had this play dough as a boy, I think the correct phrase would be "exceptionally geeky".

As proof that not all toys have to be high tech in order to qualify as Geeky, Fairy Dust Teaching offers up this recipe for Galaxy Play Dough. I'm not much of a cook, but I reckon I'd have a fair chance of making this with only a minimal amount of setting the kitchen on fire.

Although the only problem then would be that I'd get absolutely no other work done all day while I sat there and played with my new star-filled play dough.

All the while muttering "My God. It's full of stars...." [Fairy Dust Teaching]

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