Want Your 3DS To Look Stupid?

The 3DS and its three-layer cake motif look beautiful. It's a stunning piece of hardware, and one of Nintendo's most interesting designs. So why not totally f**k that up?

Linx Products is releasing the "Handy Grip" for the 3DS. It supposedly provides better grip for the glossy 3DS. There are even webbed handles to prevent the 3DS from, I guess, flying out of your hands?

The contraption also has a little picture frame stand. This should make it easier for the table to grip the 3DS. The Handy Grip will be released August 12 in Japan — a release date that should stick.

リンクスプロダクツ、3DS「ハンディグリップD3」 [Game Watch]

Republished from Kotaku

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