Vodafone Ends New 3 Mobile Customer Registrations

It’s been two years since Vodafone and Hutchison Telecom merged 50:50, and in what VHA calls the “next step in that journey” (before 3 is likely phased out), new customers will now sign on as Vodafone subscribers. I’m sad to see 3 go: they challenged Telstra and Optus with Australia’s first 3G network in 2003, attracted young and tech-savvy fans, and grew in record time -- even sponsoring Big Brother and the Cricket.

Now we wait for VHA to kill off 3 Mobile’s 3GIS 2100MHz network joint venture with Telstra. That’s slated to happen sometime in 2012. According to some reports, 3 Mobile customers may have begun receiving text messages saying that 3’s 3G network will go offline after December 31, and customers will receive a Vodafone SIM that they’ll need to activate.

In the meantime, three.com.au has been revamped to focus on customer support instead of acquisition. Full disclosure: I led the team that produced the site before joining Gizmodo. You can see the before (left) and after below.

If you’re a 3 customer, you can still upgrade / get a second service on 3, though VHA wants Vodafone to be the first choice. 3 prepay customers can also continue to recharge on 3. So it’s business as usual for existing customers...for the moment. Vodafone says that “Everything you're used to on 3, including your 3 plan value and access to services such as My 3 and Planet 3, are staying the same. So there's nothing you need to do.”

If 3 customers decide to upgrade to Vodafone, they will have the opportunity to connect to a network that’s using the latest world class network technology. We’re investing $1 billion to deliver better indoor coverage, faster downloads and a stronger signal than before on Vodafone. This includes upgrading our existing 2G and 3G network with the latest technology that’s ready for 4G and building a new smartphone and Mobile Broadband 850MHz network to give an even better internet experience.

Vodafone has obviously gone through some tough times of late. Has their rollout of network improvements provided you with better service recently... enough to make the switch

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    3 is the magic number.

    My parents are still on the "First on 3" plan. I doubt Vodafone will match that plan.

      Actually, yeah they will. Vodafone have launched special plans exclusively for 3 customers on legacy plans. They're not EXACTLY the same, but very similar to the First on 3/Hot for 3/Talk and Text plans.

      Head in to a Vodafone store and ask the staff and they can show you all the info and rates.

    Right ... so Vodafone, having been plagued with network issues for the past year are going to sign up more customers to their network? Why not sign them up to 3 instead ... their network hasn't had problems.

    3 = fail
    Vodaphone + 3 = vodafail.
    Turns out two negatives are still negative.

    Vodafone has revamped its social media team in response to the recent online Vodafail campaign.

    "If 3 customers decide to upgrade to Vodafone"
    dont make me laugh.

    3 used to roam really well on the Telstra network.
    So you could the great 3 service in city and still get calls in regional W.A.
    Data was/is another issue.
    Now the 3 service is very very patchy...I think they have turned off some of those roaming locations and switched to VF or nothing.
    Basically, now if you travel throughout WA, you need to be on Telstra.Not that bad if you wade thru their plans and get a good one

    Just waiting for the next iPhone, then will leave good old 3 (the current Voda3 mess is causing me grief), skip the voda-mess, and move to Telstra. My 3 plans were great - got good value for most of my usage and great roaming coverage (admittedly at a cost) when I needed it without the expense of old Telstra plans all the time. But things change and so will I.

    F Vodafone

    3 customers enjoyed Telstra's coverage.

    Now they're with Vodafone, hahaha.

    we still love you Danny!

    (> " " <)
    ( ='o'= )

    I am with 3 and was fairly happy with them. My phone contract is about to expire, this explains why they keep sending me vodafone plans to upgrade to.
    I'm waiting out for iphone 5 anyway, then I'll decide what to do.

    As soon as 3 force me onto the Voda network, Telstra's gaining some customers.

    Hey Vodafone, I have a good business plan for you! Stop being so god damn shit!

    Investing $1 billion to deliver better indoor coverage? i can't speak if i am indoor, i will have to go to outdoor to speak

    I dont know if people read old posts like this, but if you do, I am happy to inform you that when speaking with a 3 person today they said they have dropped the power of the three network in high traffic areas. I guess so people start having issues and then they tell them well if you go across to Voda to a hi powered network it will work...

    Posting from a 3 Mobile phone, in a house only meters line of site from a cell tower and now having dramas over network coverage. I guess I now have to go after them for lost business. I sit in my office and get full coverage and the phone ring, I pick up, sit back in my chair and bingo the call drops. Shame on how they conduct business... I see Optus or Telstra for my business soon.

    I used to work for 3 in the retail sector. They had a great vibe in the company great upgrades as well. They spent so much money and energy building the brand that overall shareholders had the last say.

    I work for Optus now and optus is a great company to work for. They are very competitive in their pricing and have the second best coverage. Nothing beats Telstra of course :P

    I have been with 3 for just over 1 year & i can honestly say that they are garbage!! me & the missus on the same contract & she hardly gets my texts, calls keep dropping out & sometimes go straight to voicemail. I will be doing some serious shopping around before the next contract

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