Toshiba's New Tablet Leaks Ahead Of IFA

Toshiba's upcoming Android tablet will be considerably thinner than its first effort, with micro SD, HDMI and USB ports a notable feature. Thin and light tablets are something of a legal quagmire at the moment, but if the leaked pictures are accurate, Toshiba might have something tasty indeed on its hands — if it can get it to market. Leaks, or deliberate marketing strategy? That's a tough one to call, but if it was a leak, Toshiba can join Samsung in having its IFA surprises spoilt prior to the kickoff of the trade show on September 1st.

Like the tablet itself, details are a little thin as to its exact specs, but these images posted on Notebook Italia show it in profile with the existing "Thrive" tablet — known as simply the Toshiba Tablet in Australia for bizarre trademark reasons — and it certainly looks a whole lot prettier than the Thrive. If the pics are real, we'll know a bit more in just a couple of days. [Notebook Italia via Akihabara News]

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