Titanium Cigar Punch Will Add To Awesomeness Of Smoking Your Cuban

Probably the only thing that's more badass than smoking a cigar is prepping it with a gadget made of pure titanium. (Unless you're Bill Clinton). This one's as rock solid as they come.

Made of 6AL4V titanium on the outside with a stainless steel split ring and cutter on the inside, this punch will slice a neat little hole into your Cuban while simultaneously doing away with the cigar remnants you've sacrificed. Since the top of the punch is quite sharp, it also comes with three neoprene o-rings to keep the cap on.

Best of all, you can use it as a keychain. You know, for all those awesome spontaneous cigar smoking moments that might arise. $US185. [Artistry In Titanium via Uncrate]

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