This Fake Chinese IKEA Store Might Be Better Than The Real IKEA

After seeing the fake Apple Chinese store, I was pretty much prepared to see a knockoff store of anything. Who could they steal from next? Microsoft? Dell kiosks? Discount stores? Nope. Instead, they copied the pride (or bane) of Sweden: IKEA.

I don't know how the enterprising Billion do it but they're pretty damn good at replicating every little detail. MIC Gadget has a slew of pictures and you can see the blue tarp IKEA bags, the I'm-so-stylish room setups, the colour scheme, heck, even the signage looks the same. Unlike the fake Apple store though, 11 Furniture (the real name of the fake IKEA) isn't selling real IKEA products. Instead, they're using their own furniture which some say is better quality than IKEA's(hard to believe, I know).

What's amazing is that 11 Furniture is in the same city as the fake Apple store (Kunming)! What's next, copying a whole city? Oh wait. For the record, 11 Furniture has taken offence to the claim that they're an IKEA clone. Which is, um, delusional. Look at you. Be serious.

One thing they didn't steal from IKEA though? Ikea's Swedish meatballs. 11 Furniture went with Chinese minced pork and eggs instead. Not sure how I feel about that. Check out all the pictures at MIC Gadget. [MIC Gadget]

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