Wii Gets A Redesign, Easier To Sit In Corner Forgotten

This Christmas, the Nintendo Wii is a getting a slight, wait for it, Wii-design. I mean redesign!

According to The Official Nintendo Magazine, the tweaked Wii will be released in the UK this holiday season (no word about a US release).

The change is that this Wii is designed to lay flat and has a slighted refigured design. The original Wii was supposed to sit vertically.

The redesigned console comes packed with a Wii Remote Plus, a Nunchuk and, according to this photo from Eurogamer, copies of Wii Sports and Wii Party.

Expect more details like pricing and non-UK availability.

Question, though — outside of a few first-party AAA titles, how often do you play your Wii when friends aren't around challenging you to Wii Sports? Just curious.

New Wii Console [ONM via NeoGAF]

Top photo: Nintendo/Eurogamer

Republished from Kotaku

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