The Old Parking Lot Speaker Scam Gets A Modern iMakeover

"Hey! Buddy! Wanna buy a cheap parking lot iPad?" Sounds like a bad joke, doesn't it? After all, there's plenty of actual scams in technology, but the old, tried and tested "buying a box of unknown goods from a parking lot" (which always used to be speakers back in the day) scam couldn't work in this day and age — could it? As if to prove that old adage about the number of suckers born every sixty seconds being apt, MacRumors reports on the scam being updated for the iAge, with punters in Texas being offered iPads or Macbooks from the back of car at bargain basement prices. You probably know what happens next — money changes hands, the car speeds off, and the punter realises that they've been sold a dud; in this case wooden Macbooks and iPads. There are keen Apple collectors out there, but they're unlikely to give you near the $US300 being sought in this scam.

The really incredible note to end this one on is that this isn't apparently an isolated event; apparently more than a dozen consumers have been scammed this year alone. [MacRumors] [Picture Credit: Grand Prarie Police Department]

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