The Evolution Of Steve Jobs's Clothing

This is Steve Jobs's wardrobe evolution since 1998, the year he returned to command Apple as interim CEO. You gotta admire a man who is loyal to his style no matter what. But my favourite Jobs is the old-school Jobs.

After he returned to Apple, it was all Levi's, New Balances and black sweaters. One day I saw him wearing a suit — kind of — in a MacWorld Japan keynote, but that was it.

Back in the '70s and '80s his wardrobe used to be a mix of everything, from walking around the Apple campus barefoot in a t-shirt and shorts to old-school three-piece suits to show his computers in fairs and keynotes. See below for some of his favourite looks through those years.

Top image modified from Fast Company's original.

I wish I could get this striped sweater for sweatermaster Sam Biddle. What a classic.

Classic TV appearance. I don't know what's better, the corduroy jacket or that awesome hair and beard.

Presenting his newborn babies in his best pinstripe suit.

Young steve also wore three-piece suits, like IBM executives. And Diana Keaton (with whom he had a relation).

Turtleneck with a hole, dreamy look, emo hipster. I love Woz's Jesuschrist hair.

If they told me Steve Jobs was Spanish when looking at this photo, I would totally believe it. He looks exactly like one of my uncles back in the '70s.

A total classic. The brown lumberjack shirt. The mustache. Everything.

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