The Evolution Of Steve Jobs's Clothing

This is Steve Jobs's wardrobe evolution since 1998, the year he returned to command Apple as interim CEO. You gotta admire a man who is loyal to his style no matter what. But my favourite Jobs is the old-school Jobs.

After he returned to Apple, it was all Levi's, New Balances and black sweaters. One day I saw him wearing a suit — kind of — in a MacWorld Japan keynote, but that was it.

Back in the '70s and '80s his wardrobe used to be a mix of everything, from walking around the Apple campus barefoot in a t-shirt and shorts to old-school three-piece suits to show his computers in fairs and keynotes. See below for some of his favourite looks through those years.

Top image modified from Fast Company's original.

I wish I could get this striped sweater for sweatermaster Sam Biddle. What a classic.

Classic TV appearance. I don't know what's better, the corduroy jacket or that awesome hair and beard.

Presenting his newborn babies in his best pinstripe suit.

Young steve also wore three-piece suits, like IBM executives. And Diana Keaton (with whom he had a relation).

Turtleneck with a hole, dreamy look, emo hipster. I love Woz's Jesuschrist hair.

If they told me Steve Jobs was Spanish when looking at this photo, I would totally believe it. He looks exactly like one of my uncles back in the '70s.

A total classic. The brown lumberjack shirt. The mustache. Everything.


    it's like the iphone, he got the perfect formula. i'm surprised he hasn't filed for a patent on wearing jeans and sneakers in case anyone copies him.

      Well he does have a recognisable shape and rounded corners

    The last one is the best.

    Steve started out such a friendly looking fella, and now he looks so... I dunno. I don't mean his illness either, that's nothing to do with it. He just looks like he's lost his spirit somehow. Or perhaps he doesn't show it anymore? I hope that's the case.

    Also, check out that top pic, how many different shoes! God, Steve, some consistency dude!

      I think he just looks sick now, maybe a little bitter as well.

    Can we also have an article about the clothing history of Steve Ballmer, or even Bill Gates?Hell, I'd settle for Linus Torvalds. I just want a little balance! (Probably expecting too much from Mr Diaz)

      Dude, the guy is famous for wearing the same thing all the time.

      Other people are famous for other things. If it was an article about Ballmer's sweaty armpits, would you be calling them to also talk about Torvalds' sweaty armpits?

        "Dude, the guy is famous for wearing the same thing all the time."

        If he is famous for wearing the same thing all of the time why is there an article about "The Evolution Of Steve Jobs’s Clothing"? It doesn't make any sense!

        What I was trying to say with my post is that Steve Jobs clothing isn't worthy of it's own article, but I was trying to be subtle.

        Actually, I would be interested in the evolution of the style of technology CEO's. Others would be MORE interesting than Steve "Wearin' the same thing again" Jobs

          I think the article was kinda meant as a joke (not to be taken seriously)... I hope...

    Seriously! Are people so obsessed with this guy that his clothes are now a topic of interest! Bloody hell guy's, leave it be!! #[

    I don't particularly like steve or Apple but thank [email protected]#$ he's not wearing a suit and tie.

    I hate the whole corporate attitute (even in IT companies) that you need to wear a suit and tie because thats what customers expect or its 'professional'

    Biggest company in the world and they don't give a shit about looking like a [email protected]#$ing door to door vacuum sales-man.

    I just hope it catches on everywhere.

      You've missed the point. Yes, you should be comfortable in what you wear and you don't need a suit. But out of the millions of possible permutations of comfortable clothes, Steve Jobs happens to pick the same set of clothes EVERY TIME.

      It's a costume. The guy has put so much time into making it seem like he doesn't care how he looks.

      No, he just looks creepy in that turtleneck combo. He looked sharp when he dressed in suits and didn't look corporate at all. A suit can be just as much an expression of personality as turtleneck/jean combo does. If you're only suit is one bought from Best and Less or K-Mart then, I can see where you are coming from.

      Those guys who replied to you are right- The turtle neck and jeans basically IS jobs' "suit", and it looks just as corporate, awkward and icky as any badly made, ill-fitting suit ever does because he's overused the costume.

      I hope that NEVER catches on! His previous approach however of going for a specific look each time the match the mood he was trying to put across- that's a winner. I wish more people would do that. He used to be a good looking guy and sold his image well! Far better than Gates and company.

    I wonder many of the junior executives wear this style of clothing, mogwai.

    Not many I'd say.

    Don't get peoples' problems with suits. If you buy a decent one, that fits, they're actually really comfortable.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

      God, aren't you just such a freaking comedian.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

          Whoa, that is entirely against the point dude. Just because someone runs a company in a way that you for some reason disagree with, doesn't mean it's okay to wish illness on them... surely. Weird. Anyway, whatever. Oh and I have used Macs in the past and now use a PC, who cares, it's just a fucking product. They're all making shitloads of money no matter how they run their business, closed or open.

          Not laughing at someone experiencing a possible terminal illness makes me a fanboi?


            It sure does when that guy is Steve Jobs fanboi.

          You're a douchebag. I don't even like Apple and have been extremely critical of their practices. Hell, I would be the first to condemn their recent Galaxy Tab fiasco and personally imported one from the US.

          But saying that you enjoy seeing a man die because you personally don't like his products is A) Mean-spirited and in poor taste, and B) Shows just how much you, yourself are a fanboy, considering your irrational hatred. Especially when you accuse another of the same thing. It's hypocrisy at its finest.

    Goes to show when you get that powerful no-one is man enough to tell you you look like (and are) a douche

    I just realized I own a turtleneck sweater now.


    When they make a movie on Steve Jobs, I think Ashton Kutcher would be key for younger Steve. Who's with me?

      man, nice. I can really see it now. Even more than noah wyle!

    I wonder if most of those black trutlenecks, jeans and shoes are the SAME ones? Because if you look at sick jobs at the end there they obviously don't fit him anymore...

    It's interesting though, all his "public" clothes seem to have been chosen as some sort of extension of Apple's advertising image- as if he chose his wardrobe mainly to project a certain image because the "man" was equally as important as the products.
    And then he just gave up on choice and settled with the same look... which is nicely coincident with the trend in Apple hardware.

    he obviously shops at savers

    Nothing Spanish about him. He's of Syrian Muslim decent by his biological parents.

    I can't be the only one who has realised that Steve copied the black sweater idea from his only friend, Larry Ellison of Oracle - but sans the sports coat preferred by Larry. I wrote all about this and more on my blog

    He is sooo hot. Love that intelligence in his eyes. Ah. Even he can't beat pancreas cancer.

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