The Classiest App To Get People Naked

Despite the great things the internet has done, it's also made us prudish about having naked images of us captured, and that's made it harder to get people to take of their clothes for you. Until now...

Until the internet came, you only needed a fancy-looking camera and a beret and the clothes would drop to the floor in the name of Art (with a capital A). Before that, "I want to paint you", was arguably the best pick-up line ever (it sure worked for Picasso), but these days even that might get someone's hackles up. No, the super old ways, are the super best ways. "Let me sculpt you!" Yes! Oh God yes, I'm already naked! The problem is, you need talent and clay. Well, now there's an iPad app for that, so you don't need either.

AutoDesk (from the smart folk behind AutoCAD, SketchBook Mobile) has added Sculpt 123D to their product portfolio. You start with a blob that is something like the shape you want to sculpt (human, elephant, T-Rex, etc.), and then you can turn it and manipulate it at will. I was surprised to see just how much control you have the over forms and how detailed you can make something. Check out the quick demo video which is, sadly, totally safe for work. FREE for a limited time, and it will then be $0.99. [Autodesk via TechCrunch]

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