The Biggest BLT Ever Weighs A Ton. Literally.

Because everyone loves bacon. St Louis's Iron Barley restaurant went after the biggest BLT world record this past week, and they owned it. What resulted was a behemoth of bacon perhaps too much even for Epic Meal Time.

This BLT included:

600 pounds of bacon 440 pounds of bread 550 pounds of tomatoes 220 heads lettuce 110 pounds butter 60 gallons mayo 1/4 tank propane for toasting

1980 pounds (898kg) in all, at 68m long and 18 inches (46cm) wide. That's a sandwich! After all the fuss was over, the sandwich was divided up for the Life for Life Academy.

If this BLT could meet this burger in some time-food vortex, it's spawn would be the key to winning the war on everything. I promise it. [Riverfront Times]

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