The Amazingly Seamless New Apple Cube

The massive glass cube hovering over the Apple Store at Fifth Avenue is truly iconic: It's transformed a store where people buy iPhones into a legitimate New York City landmark. And it's about to be reborn, made even more striking by its sheer simplicity.

The current, cross-hatched style cube is composed of 90 panes of glass. The new cube will use just 15 expansive pieces of glass — around 10m long — erasing all but a handful of seams. So the cube will appearto be almost weightless, as if it's truly suspended in mid-air.

That is how you build a store. [Gothamist]


    I reckon it should read...

    "That is how you build a store when your company is worth $337.2 billion"

    Whats happening to the old one?

      It'll be sold on the Apple store as '5th Avenue Cube, 1st Generation, (Refurbished)'.

    I've got seamless pieces of glass in my car, and my home too...

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