Ubuntu Linux On HP's TouchPad: That Didn't Take Long

Even if you've followed the tips to boost WebOS speed, you might be worried about the TouchPad's future. In case you missed the memo, it sort of doesn't have one. At least not officially...While there are projects for a TouchPad Android port, here's how you can get Ubuntu running on the TouchPad right now. Liliputing has a guide up to getting your TouchPad fully Ubuntu-ised. Although "fully" here is not quite correct. Rather than replacing WebOS, what the guide does is run you through splitting up the TouchPad's memory and installing Ubuntu on a partition. You'll have to be CLI friendly to start installing packages once you're done, and apparently not everything runs optimally right now. Applications that do run include Firefox and Chromium if the inbuilt WebOS browser doesn't thrill you. [Liliputing]

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