Telstra's Sold 385,000 T-Hubs and T-Boxes

In September last year, that number was around 100,000, which seemed pretty good considering the T-Box IPTV recorders and T-Hub home phone tablet only launched in June and April 2010. Fast forward to today, and Telstra's latest performance results suggest that its annoyingly constant TV ads and Masterchef promotions might have worn us down: they've tripled the install base, and 190,000 of that number are T-Boxes.

Telstra claims that a quarter of all its new broadband bundle customers pick up the T-Box, and I'm sure that percentage wasn't hurt by the 30 Foxtel channels it can now stream. Likewise, the 1.8 million movies Telstra says have now been downloaded would have been boosted by the special last Christmas' that gifted $300 worth of free movies.

I'm personally not sold on the T-Hub: it seems limited, slow and perfect for my Dad, not me. But I like the looks of the T-Box. What about you? [Australian Stock Exchange (PDF)]

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