Telstra's Sold 385,000 T-Hubs and T-Boxes

In September last year, that number was around 100,000, which seemed pretty good considering the T-Box IPTV recorders and T-Hub home phone tablet only launched in June and April 2010. Fast forward to today, and Telstra's latest performance results suggest that its annoyingly constant TV ads and Masterchef promotions might have worn us down: they've tripled the install base, and 190,000 of that number are T-Boxes.

Telstra claims that a quarter of all its new broadband bundle customers pick up the T-Box, and I'm sure that percentage wasn't hurt by the 30 Foxtel channels it can now stream. Likewise, the 1.8 million movies Telstra says have now been downloaded would have been boosted by the special last Christmas' that gifted $300 worth of free movies.

I'm personally not sold on the T-Hub: it seems limited, slow and perfect for my Dad, not me. But I like the looks of the T-Box. What about you? [Australian Stock Exchange (PDF)]


    I don't like these at all. The phone randomly restarts itself almost every time you dial a number.

    Being a customer of Telstra's cable broadband, they have tried to foist this shit on me a couple of times. The T-Hub is a non-device, that has no legitimate function if you own a smart phone, computer or tablet. The T-Box is somewhat tempting, but all the reviews I have read have criticized is performance, and (as you would expect of telstra) it lacks many features which have become essential on similar devices. STRAIGHT GARBAGE.

      That's what I always thought. I never did understand the point in a T-Hub. They're basically docked, poor-man's-smartphones. Might have been impressive back in 2005.

    Onto our 2nd Thub and its still rubbish. Slow temperamental and zero battery life. Waste of $$$. Still awaiting pickup of original unit 12 months later. Typically efficient Telstra

    Those numbers are all well and good...

    But I'd be more interested in the number of sales they made from people who actually WANTED them, rather then having them jammed down their throat when signing up for a plan.

      you got it Jason. I have one, but only because my SO was told that it was needed, and was a core part of the package without extra cost, when she went to the Telstra shop to upgrade our modem/ mobile package. discoverd later that this was not quite the truth. I imagine these sales techniques contribute to many sales.

    I love my TBox had it for 1 year now and no issue with the device. Constant updates seem to be giving it great improvements and it just seems to get better each time.

    I like the T-Boxes, I've got one, and other than my slightly dodgy wifi router, it works pretty damn well. The constant updates are always helpful too.
    As for the T-Hubs, I haven't seen much, but I don't like them, and struggle to imagine what people would actually do with them. They aren't an iPad, and aren't a smartphone, they're like a niche of a niche product, that barely works well.

    We have a T-Hub and a T-Box.

    The T-Hub is terrible. Now, usually when you hear this, you think it's just because it's a bit slow or something.
    This is not the case with the T-Hub. It won't even get you there, it will crash before you can do anything that might be functional on it.
    The hub part itself is just atrocious. If I take it off it's dock now, it dies instantly. Other times, it will freeze for no reason.
    The phone feels like a child's toy, and is also quite poor. Unlike the Hub though, I guess you could actually use it (but you only get one!).

    It is actually so bad, I can't believe any company would have the nerve to sell this product. Its return rate is ridiculously high.

    The T-Box is okay. I think 6? new internet channels, unmetered on Telstra, it gets its job done at least.

    The handsets are really poorly made and sluggish to respond and the T-Hub itself is a peice of junk. I know of many people who have returned them, and endured the tedious and confusing process of having them replaced not just once as some people including myself have hit the fourth round of the T-Hub debacle. I'd say there are about a 100,000 customers who have been responsible for Telstra being able to move 385,000 items of merchandise.
    PEOPLE BE WARNED - Don't waste your money. Buy are good cordless handset and a netbook instead or an i pad.
    I've left the Telstra fold as a result of this and I'm stuck with T crud number four as warranty only applies to Telstra customers and the holders of a pigbong account (not that I was getting much assistance anyway)and get this, your T-junk will cease to operate anyway, just for getting out of Telstra as it only works on the Telstra network. Nice one. Hmmmm!!! $300 better spent elsewhere. Beer or a laptop / netbook / ipad that will work on any network with tons more features and access. What was I thinking??????!!!!!
    Telstra needs to be honest about this..

    The T-hub is basically T-CRAP! Don't waste your money, it turns off all the time and you can't restart it, it freezes, won't pick up when you try and answer calls, and sometimes the other person can't even hear you!!! Don't waste you money like we did, i'm still waiting for my 'replacement', 7 months later and various phone calls to telstra, i'll end up doing like so many others have and bin the crap! Good on you telstra!

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