Teachers Sue Over Absurd Facebook Law

Teachers Sue Over Absurd Facebook Law

Missouri teachers really want to hang out with their students online. In fact, they’ve just filed a lawsuit for the right to do so in response to newly inked state law that seeks to prohibit student-teacher interfriendship.

The law, which passed earlier this year and goes into effect next week, would prohibit teachers and students from having private interactions online. The law isn’t specific to Facebook, of course, but it is clearly designed to curb Facebook friendship. Proponents of the law say it’s totally legal and will prevent teachers and students from engaging in hanky panky, which is, you know, weird and totally illegal.

According to the MSTA:

MSTA believes the bill signed into law by Gov. Jay Nixon in July infringes on educators’ first amendment rights of free speech, association and religion. MSTA is asking the court to keep that section of law from being implemented until the constitutionality can be determined.

Whatever the well-intentioned justifications for this law, it seems like it might be a bit of an overstep by the state. As the teachers point out there are plenty of legitimate reasons students and teachers might want to link up online. If they do want to get it on they will find another way. [Reuters; Image credit: Shutterstock]