TDK Goes High-End With Its BA200 Earbuds

Already peddlers of boomboxes and headphones, TDK has decided they'll make earbuds, too. And it's not the cheap iPod-quality earbuds they're offering, but rather dual-driver in-ear noisemakers.

The TDK BA200 feature balanced, dual-armature drivers with noise-isolating tips and an over the ear wire design. At $US250, these look to be competing with the likes of Shure's SE310 (whether or not they can match Shure's quality remains to be seen). TDK says the overall goal of their headphones is to provide an accurate reproduction of sound, rather than intentionally over emphasising lows and highs.

TDK is also releasing the single-driver BA100, the iPhone/iPod friendly EB950 (has a remote and "high-performance drivers), and a new pair of on-ear headphones, the ST700, which come complete with 40mm drivers and a folding design.

Actual availability dates for all the new announcements are TBD, but in addition to the BA200, the BA100 will sell for for $US200, the EB950 for $US100 and the ST700 for $US150. [Businesswire]

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