Taga Bike Is So Cool It Makes Me Want To Have Kids

At $US1495, the Taga Bike may seem like an expensive proposition, but given the prices of bikes and baby trolleys, it's perfectly justifiable. Also, this thing is bloody awesome: it transforms from bike to trolley in 20 seconds!

It's made with aluminium, with a Shimano Nexus Inter-3 internal gear hub, disk brakes on both front wheels and a roller brake on the rear wheel. The Taga Bike has 16-inch wheels and can be set into two positions in stroller mode and two positions in tricycle mode. You can load this thing with accessories, and even customise it for twins!

Now I just need someone to carry my genetic material and I'm all set. [TagaBike via Kid Crave via Fancy]


    no helmets?

    Most places in the world don't actually have mandatory bike helmet laws, especially for adults. The bubs should be wearing them though, that's just irresponsible advertising IMO.

    You should check out the Zigo Leader Carrier Bike (www.myzigo.com), if you like this

    Hi there does anybody know where I could get one of these from in Australia or is there something similar in Australia? Thanks

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