Study: People Would Sooner Make Love To Their Laptops Than To Their Lovers

It's Saturday night, and you're feeling randy. You turn to your significant other, and without a word you start nuzzling close. And without a word she pushes you off, too wrapped up in the Tudors online. You're not alone.

According to the IKEA-funded study — which really does wonders for its credibility — people have become much too attached to their laptops, to the point that they've started taking them to bed when they should be cuddling. It just plain gets in the way of good old-fashioned intimacy, which is all these researchers want. Although I wonder why IKEA signed onto this when they sell something like this beauty.

To be fair, the glow from a laptops screen has been found to disrupt sleep patterns. Which is old news. But there are probably plenty of ways of bringing the laptop into the bedroom play. Uncomfortable ways, perhaps, but if we're all doing it then we can move with the times. Such couples would then earn the right to call their laptops sexy. [Daily Mail]

Image: Patrick Hermans/Shutterstock

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