Street Tag For iPhone: Tag Up Walls Without Getting Arrested

Street Tag For iPhone: Tag Up Walls Without Getting Arrested

When I was young I associated graffiti with gangs and crime. Now that I’m older, it’s probably my favorite form of art. I don’t know my way around a can but I do know my iPhone. And with Street Tag, I can use my iPhone as a can of spray paint. SO FUN.

What’s it do?

It’s an augmented reality app that turns your iPhone into a can of spray paint. You can set the color, width, and wetness of your paint and because it uses AR, you can tag graffiti on anything. Literally, anything. I just lit up the office floor, roof deck and my boss’s desk and no one is the wiser. Stealth, baby! But the flip side of using AR is that it’s not always accurate (FYI it’s better to tag with your iPhone vertical than horizontal), so you can alternatively draw a design BEFORE you tag and impose it on a wall after you press the can of paint. One button graffiti, dudes.

Why do we like it?

I had all this hope for AR technology and thought we’d be changing the game with it but it’s taken a while for anything to come around to excite me. Obviously, Street Tag isn’t the most useful form of AR but it’s probably one of the most fun. You’re not going to become Futura with your iPhone but spraying random walls or vandalizing posters and pictures doesn’t ever get old. Street Tag taps into your (or at least mine) inner street artist and makes me wish I took a different career path. Plus! The app even leaves paint residue on the canister!

Street Tag

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The Best

Graffiti is cool

The Worst

Not always accurate